Behind the beautifully made sunglasses, jewelry, clothing, every day items and other products you will see in our store are the hearts of those who designed them.  Each brand has their own unique story and we would like to highlight a few to show why we choose to celebrate these products.

Red's Outfitters

Before launching the company's first collection of sunglasses, one of the founders passed away when he tragically drowned in a breath holding exercise in preparation for a spear fishing competition.  The company decided to honor their friend by naming the company after his dog, Red, and giving a portion of their profits to the foundation Shallow Water Blackout Prevention. Shop here.

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys create necklaces and other jewelry out of old, refurbished keys and have inspirational words engraved on the surface.  The person who wears the key is supposed to pass it on to a person that they feel needs to hear the message.  In addition, the company employs those transitioning out of homelessness.  They are all about paying it forward. Shop here.

Jewelry Designers

Resource carries a variety of jewelry by unique designers.  From Ajana Designs handmade in Atlanta to Elisha Marie modern jewelry made from recycled material to the Akola Project whose mission is to employ and empower vulnerable women, we carry pieces that are simple and beautiful in both design and purpose.

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Spaddles are handmade, wooden kitchen utensil created by artist Gordon Chandler.  Spaddles not only have a minimalistic aesthetic, but are multifunctional.  They can stir, flip, fry, serve and more, making it the most versatile item in the kitchen. Each spaddle is produced individually from an assortment of wood, meaning no two look the same. This product is exclusive to Resource. Shop here.


The mission of S'well is to rid the world of plastic water bottles.  The bottle can keep a drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.  S'well also prioritizes giving back to charities and has partnered with the U.S. fund for UNICEF, American Forests, and Drink Up. Shop here.


Pennies Making Change

Pennies Making Change is a small business started by a brother and sister after their father passed away due to reoccurring brain tumors.  They were reminded by their godmother that "anytime we see a penny on the floor it is Ted reminding us how important the little things in life are."  Now, honor their father by making jewelry out of pennies as well as donating 20% of each purchase to the American Cancer Society. Shop here.


GiGi New York

GiGi New York transformed their specialty from book design to the creation of beautiful handbags.  GiGi New York credits their designs to their knowledge of another trade that understands the beauty of shape and form.  The brand prides itself on being innovative, where ideas in the morning become products that day. Shop here.

Additional Lines: Capri Blue, Remi & Reid, Three Dots, Graf & Lantz and more.